My lovely Krazy K, a-floating in the ether!?

“HEAVEN’S IN MY HEART OF HEARTS!” a poem Sunday: Sept. 16, 2018 {painting: “{He}artform Yen,” acrylic & charcoal}

We love to talk of Heaven, descriptions & assumptions,*

Such poor ideas (after-millenia!) – our thoughts? are merely “bump(k)-tions!”

My lovely Krazy K, a-floating in the ether!?

What’s left of her? Right here-HER BODY! & we, of course, have “wreathed” her,

And NOW, we speculate:

“Her soul – has gone UP THERE!”

Our-descriptions are preposterous! I miss here smile and hair;

I miss her laugh and touch – I miss her smell, so sweet –

But, she will never leave me – for every day I greet,

My angel in my Heart of Hearts; it’s Heaven there for us.

Our memories! Our perfect love – Our-Heaven?=


fin. <3

* – Divine – and other!!

True story written by an unknown Author

True story written by an unknown Author


4 thoughts on “My lovely Krazy K, a-floating in the ether!?”

    1. That Unknown Author blogg was brilliant
      So sad carrying around his secret. The email followers have me busy saying Private No Comments. I as an Editor come tea lady give up sometimes. Secret’s are not my best event as it bring back trust issues. When my Son died I never kept it a SECRET. Grieving honestly allows folk to come to you to help and share kindness with you. This is Healing process of all their Mums and Dads Family and freinds to heal. Ian you are qualified to handle how YOU present this blog.

      1. Its hard to allow others into your life after trust is broken it takes understanding that those that caused your pain are suffering in their own way and cannot as you did release it to be healed. The weakness you felt has made you stronger and so equips you for the world to come with so many who one day will need your help to show them what they need as God will provide all they you want as a shepherd tending his flock. Healing takes time as you know and your posts tell me what you don’t say as l listen to your ❤️ Amen

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