Kindness πŸ’™πŸ’™


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  1. I could fall in love again, and I am a fussy sort-after the passing of my life’s greatest love. I will not settle for any one who comes along, but I will not run away from anyone, either. There is room in my life for any number of friends, short of them being my lover(s).

    1. So sorry it breaks my heart to hear your pain. My Mum never married again so sad too. Yes I thought many times before if my Husband passed over I would lay down on the bed too and go with him. When I was young Mr Hair passed over just one day after his beloved wife passed. The story goes she came back for him. I don’t have the answer myself Sir. My Associate found at 60 + he did find his soul mate after 2 marriages. One wife passed over. Married on the rebound, Love is a a journey. I believe some day you will be “found” just like me. BELIEVE xx

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