Jiddu Krishnamurti, born in India,

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Jiddu Krishnamurti, born in India, was taken, as a young boy, and “groomed” to become a savior for The World by a group called The Theosophical Society, formed in America and later “transplanted” to India. Jiddu allowed himself to be “trained” for some years, before, after moving to America, he told the group leaders they were a a bunch of lunatics! He became a noted philosopher, giving talks around the world until he passed away several decades ago. It was fairly well-known in the so-called “spiritual circles” that he and another Indian man known as U. G. Krishnamurti [they were both VERY interesting philosophers] would sit around and argue . . . on and on! The other Krishnamurti seemed to suggest that everyone was pretty useless, as they did pretty useless things, over and over – until they died! U. G. Krishnamurti, like THIS one, had oodles of followers and admirers. And here I sit, a useless ( πŸ™‚
) philosopher, writing silly poems, in love with an Australian woman, with no followers, to speak of, except an older, feral cat, who comes to worship at my door, mainly because he wants to “nab” errant birds that might arrive to eat the bird food I put out in the yard. THE CAT (a poem) The feral cat has come again – to-explain-THE FATE OF MAN! / The crafty, hungry Kitty – has got an awful plan! / To sit and wait for birdies, which-may-stray within the yard, / And-when they come to sup and play, IF-they-just-let-down their guard! / Even for a moment – Well! (pause) Then! The deed is done! / Kitty nabs the pretty bird – and plays! Has so much fun, / At-the-bird’s-expense, of course – and-although-we-PLAY-at-meals, / The-feral-kitty has LIVE ACTION – with LIVE FOOD which he steals! / From the storehouse, so provided – in some natural course (?) / Now, KItty Cat suggests a lot, like: “It’s similar with YOUR source!! / The-God-you-suppose – that ‘makes’ you, is also playing with YOU, / And waiting for – a moment – when (S)he will POUNCE you too, / And play around, ’til dinner time! Can-you-feel-his (her)-lethal-claw? / Swatting-your-little-ness-around – waiting for TO GNAW, / On your succulent body, with a little sauce, / God will dine right nicely – ‘Cause God thinks (S)he’s the BOSS!” / Well, just the other day, when-Kitty-Caught-another-one / I sat down for a moment – and told the cat, “My Hon: / What God don’t know, is, when I go, down! into Her (His) tummy, / I’m like THE ALIEN-I’ll-wait-around, but maybe I’m no dummy! / I’ll wait a while, just bide my time – I’ll wait ’til God’s asleep, / and THEN – I’ll burst forth! From God’s body – from God I’ll gently creep, / And disappear – into The Night, with d.n.a. I stole, / And I’ll be God, but only I – will take a different role! / I’ll take my Godly repertoire and fashion me a mate! / The prettiest thing you’ve ever seen! and make her really great – / fresh-smelling, kind and kinda goofy and we will have a ball, / And we will be “cat people,” and we will never maul, / poor birdies that have come to feed – we’ll stroke their tail feathers, / and plant nice things, like daffodils and apple trees and heathers, / And open up a garden: our pet menagerie – / Which we shall call: The No Fear Zoo, And animals can be – / Petted and protected, and they will all be happy, / And we will prowl and roam around – and always take good nappy!” / And Kitty said: “Preposterous! That is a horrid plan / For I am in to eating birdies and tor-a-menting man, / By eating lots of birdies – and stalking things at night – and having lots of ‘cat fights,’ and flaunting all my might!” / “Well, now, that’s fine,” I said to him; “your life style is secure! / But I think – there’re-alternatives (pause) which we should hold right dear! / For not all folks, they do agree, with your philosophy! / Of: MIGHT MAKES RIGHT and LOVE THE FIGHT and I AM GREAT, YES ME! / So – you take YOUR GOD, I’ll-be-mine, and-I’ll-leave-like-Forrest-Gump! / I’ll leave you here with THIS HERE WORLD, Oh, Kitty Donald Trump! πŸ™‚ – fin