Jesus Message

Jesus Message To all who will take in what I say, know that there are two parts to your existence that which makes you basic in the way you think and act. reaping what you sow. But to all of you who are my children who accept myself within you the pathway to your highest love and the oneness you develop with me. Only when you surrender to my love the highest part of yourself opens to your true self , that being a unique part of all that is and one with me for my Father wanted all his divine children home and I broke the walls of limitation down by paying your debt so you could cross back to your true self if you wanted .As you live in a way that is of love you will find that each day will bring you closer in your heart-mind of your true identity, than that where you were before a lost soul in a very limited existence of physical vibration. No matter what your old life is rich or poor your happiness is very contained and limited and going no where to gain fulfillment. Where your true self will be forever becoming life itself and the oneness to all life existing in the highest order of love. You will note through the holy books of times past I quite often gave people names that would help represent the person when they were to take a certain role on earth in a spiritual way. If your first name has been a prison to you, and you are choosing to follow the loving truth, ask to be called a new name in prayer to me. If you are flowing well with your present name it should not be changed for you see your name in a loving way as others love it as well. A name is a reminder of who you are and when someone calls you it reminds you of your destiny. All of you who are reading this will grow in your experience. Thank you dear Lord for your understanding so we can grow forever closer to you who suffered so we could become free of being separated from love. Amen