Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

My beautiful family I left the earth and returned to heaven and as promised you received the holy Spirit for those who worked for me until I returned. Now the time will come when I return and gather those who have been faithful to me. Those that have not will reap what they have sown. You all look out at the world and it is as I said it would be. There many intellectuals and are imposters. There are many people with contacts among the rich and famous and speak well but act never like a person of my heart. Yet I ask of many of the poor and downtrodden and they serve me above all. It was the same in the times I came among you so it is no surprise. The key was to serve me and gain a freedom that will bring glory upon you. then all else you do is be true to the guidance from the Spirit , it would not always be easy for the world is on the freely chosen a path of separation from my love. But if you were to turn to what I have given you in the holy books as read by my Holy Spirit you will be ready. You will come to me for your spirit will be ready to do so. Not like some people who think it will only require to say forgive me and there hearts are of darkness. for they point out that the man on the cross asked for forgiveness and I told him I will see him in paradise. Understand his heart had already was deeply repentant the rest is known. Glory to all the true people who walk with me each day through the spirit you will become what you strive to do in my kingdom. For your perfection will be granted and joy will be upon your face and You will serve in creation as it was meant to be.

Thank you dear Jesus for giving this understanding. each time you do my wisdom deepens into your love. Amen.


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