Jesus Message.

I speak to you, your friend and Savior Jesus through the Holy Spirit so that you who have put to death the old you and awoken to the beautiful person you are. I will never leave you and you will grow strong in faith and the love you will share with others. Each of you have a mission to serve me because I have chosen you for many reasons. It matters not what it was but it is what I feel you have heart and love for. It maybe to bake cakes for the poor. or visit some people that are lonely. it may be to pray for those who are sick, or follow on from what I have shared with dear Luke. Just know to let old ways that were of the world go Then see the love offered from my sacrifice bloom within you. You will be guided by my Spirit then that is when your faith will be called upon. Do not weaken but boldly allow your heart to come forward after you feel directed by Spirit . Each time you let the old you die the new you grows stronger and the day comes you will reap the love I have for you my beautiful family.

Thank you dearest Jesus for your Holy Spirit to guide us in our service to you. allow us to be strengthened and bold in the love and help us to embrace each other in the comfort of Knowing and acting as a family. Amen.