Beautiful family of love, let us create anew those parts of ourselves that have lost the love flowing through it. We can take in the areas of our lives that need planting with gentle plants and flowers of many colors. Lets open up other parts of our lives that have been shut off from the flow because of hurt once felt. Now it is time to absorb deep loving feelings of love and like spring waters to a flower so shall this be to your heart and body. Your magnificent’s will grow so others can see the Holy Spirit shining through you and comforting them as they look on. Your words of speech will be beautiful and clear like a blue sky on a day blessed by the gold of the sun. O how I love thee are the words Of the Eternal as he takes in the beauty of his child . Come closer my prince / princess to the home that was never quite home until you returned from lands far away. Blessings Luke Le Bree.