What is it that gives you guidance in a world lost of its Divine Heart. Go within yourself and you may rest in peace and if you are aware of your peace you will find the eternal God of Love.
So beautiful you can experience the Holy Spirit as it connects to your spirit and in its contact with love you feel the comforts of it and the need to share outwardly to all that cross your path. Be it a smile or something you can do for others that help them see they are lovable. When you are filled with the divine guidance you will find others will be drawn to you as well and wish to share their love with you and you will be beautiful and accept the gifts offered, be it words or a gift to help you on the way in your mission.
The world needs the creative gift of Love and life, to understand the holiness of its existence . Dear friends submit to this love of your Savior Jesus Christ, for in you is the creative energy of your God and through you he has chosen to enlighten others.
You are his people and when you give of yourself he sees your beauty and oneness, for you love him within and without.
Do not be fooled by the labels and uniforms of the ones who preach peace but connect not to the loving creator who is there guide. for some of these ones under there worldly disguise create the most immoral and horrific of crimes.
Remember you have a inner guidance system of love and from that when you look within the Holy Book you will understand it from a healthy and balanced place. When I say I love you which I tend to do often, it is the beautiful God within that makes me whole and connects me to you his beautiful people. LOVE YOU.
Luke Le Bree.