12 thoughts on “FIFTY DOLLARS IS FIFTY DOLLARS 🤣😅😆😉”

    1. What a funny story. Memories when we were kids Dads Uncle Authur Marshall and our Auntie Amy sat on their veranda in rocking chairs talking at each other with these words. Then one day he passed over. Aunt Amy and my Mum travelled around the world on a cruise ship for 6 months, today I still see her a changed woman walking down the gang weakening Paris Designer holding in her hand a solid gold 9 inch cigeratte holder smoking , laughing like a spring chicken, drunk! Bleached hair a foot height and red lips. Oh, what a sight from that Old Lady sitting on the veranda moaning about uncle being all his denied fun. Aunty was 75 when Mum and her set sail on an ocean liner. Moral of the picture for us. Your never to old to change and live out your fancies😁 6 months pasted and she arrived at the gates of Heaven to Meet Uncle Authur. MUM SAID HE PROBABLY KICKED HER OUT 😂😁🤣😃😄😅😆😉😊

    1. I love to laugh to, fills my body with happiness plus wellness. I was given the opportunity to inspire folk to laugh a forgotten lanuage skill. Some may find this comment strange. You may be surprised to know a very high percentage of folk do not know the health benefits of laughing. I WILL POST A SEPERATE POST LATER THIS WEEK ON THIS SUBJECT. try this ! Write down how many time a day you laugh! Keep track over 7 days. When you see the Post compare your moments of laugher with my post.

      1. I love to laugh as well. Sometimes it takes me awhile to forget about a certain joke. When I am around with my family & friends, I am one of those people who may look awkward to some, I am very giggly. I can’t control my laughter sometimes hahaha! 😂 Thanks very much for sharing your light and inspiring people to be happy. You have a beautiful heart and soul. I can’t wait for your next post. 😊

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