“CONFLAGRATION!” a poem Sept. 26, 2018 – Wednesday! 6:30 P. M. Poetry Gathering at The Holland Hotel Lobby; 10:30 P. M. Karaoke Gathering at The Railroad Blues!

In our conjugal felicitude,

We often take a(n) Happy Mood,

Especially – on Cleaning Day,

With a frabjous, contra-malmore!


To-avoid the-possible commiserations:

For a twerkled harb, you see,

My “better half” is-an-anomaly!

Immodest-at-best – is this hammering,

To-incite immodest (pause) conflaggering!!

“IF e’er we desecrate our port,

Perhaps,” said Mindy – to her Mort;

“we’ll-regenerate a sad reply,

Toward maladjustments, by and by!?”

Yet, surreptitiously we go,

Inflecting all we’ll never know!!

And I might fairly adjulate,

A fiery, schlonkered friend (Too late!)

IF then, for-we’ll-have-made (pause) NO MARK,

Consubstantially, I-will-never bark! 🙂

fin. <3