This post starts with what was, and what will destroy the World 💣💣

What a wonderful place it was

No computers to Scam you

No computers to troll you

No computers to harass you

No computers to lead you astray

What on Earth did we create

Hell, on Earth for our future children

Eternity has no beginning and no end.

Cyber as we know it is the giant that will destroy our BEAUTIFUL World

We used to worry about climate change

We used to worry about the rubbish in the ocean

We used to worry about the environment

We used to worry about oxygen supplies, power and petrol.

We worried about murdering innocent souls in War

WAR in Cyberspace, TECHNOLOGY will destroy the World

Start debating this man made Giant Computer that now runs the World out of control. No being no ending

Peace be with us


9 thoughts on “This post starts with what was, and what will destroy the World 💣💣

  1.         The social media being free brings a lot of gratuity with it.  The notion that people will toe an ethical line, if they have to pay, may be true to some extent, but I have seen unethical and unsavory ideas posted on this medium, as well, and much of Word Press is far from free.      


    1. Kindness is free to sprinkle it like stardust where ever you go. I personally believe WordPress and the Happy Engineers is the best place to be sharing. Bloggers and Authours are friendly, helpful folk. The word FREE has meanings. Some good some bad. All of us try to do the best they can. Congratulations 💜

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  2. So true and a great post: Offer people something FREE and they flock to it like sheep unaware they are following the WRONG shepherd …. Only later when they have imparted their lives online giving everything of themselves do the DEVILS of social media take control and gradually …little by little they take their soul and all that data is now POWER and CONTROL of the masses is complete …. Question: How can it be stopped ? Answer: Greed of one is always WANTED by the MANY not the FEW Amen 🙏


    1. That is exactly the answer. We have been advocating that all users pay. Yet Facebook will not come to the Party. Facebook makes billions ADVERTISING they need the numbers game lol😂


      1. I don’t believe that charging people will prevent dishonest trading but only line the pockets of those that behind the scenes control the platform …. We need honesty and truth and Zuckerberg is dishonest and untruthful and so its a crooked game which ever way you slice the cake and those who setup the game know how to manipulate the rules … Sad 😒

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