“THE VEIL OF TEARS!” a poem Saturday: September 29, 2018 – ‘Tis almost October!! Please allow me to offer this morning vision, regarding The Power of Love – and – What we must put up with to experience LOVE in conditional reality(ies)! Here is one of 2 poems I wrote concerning my experience! The Moral: Despite the promises we are offered to make life more tolerable, there is NO HOPE of making anything better; Love is, as The Beatles continue to remind us, The Answer – to living existence with equanimity! 🙂

IT requires – lots of maintenance – and a bucketful of tears!

The World! Hard work – and a whole lot of fears!

It’ll manipulate you – with its terror – and a few strange visions,

And folks’ll “come out of the woodwork,” and offer you some derisions;

They’ll say: “Be Positive – and elevate your spirit!”

Strategies!!! We’ve ALWAYS had them – IF you wanna hear it!

You know, folks – when they’re comfortable – or “high as a kite,”

They-overlook- all-this-World’s-“stuff” and-say: “To ALL a GOOD night!!”

So, let’s eat some tasty food! The tummy ache’s a-comin’ –

And, when The World says: “I love you,” there’s a bullet-and-you’re-runnin’!

Just know: IT’S AN EXCITING PLACE – AND – (it is)


And, if “God” loves you enough, crucifixion’s-what-(S)he’s-dreamin’-of!

So, please take it easy – and greet another beautiful day –

And hope – that wild harpies –

Don’t drag your arse away!! 🙂

fin. ❤https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWR78buhHbI