“THE MATRIX: REVISITED, RELOADED, RECONSIDERED!” a poem. a.k.a.: “The Matrix Is Never User Friendly, Even If You Are A Nerd!” Sept. 29, 2018 (Saturday)Mystic Poet ~

So! You wanna believe in souls? Well, that’s OK, mate,

But-souls-may-have-limits-too-my-Friend – Yet-experiences-can-be-great!

So, IF you want integrity – and indi-vidu-a-lity – then WELCOME to sweet Terra,

Where you can experience-and-learn-about Pain! Pleasure! &-a-aloe vera,


But wait ‘til you mind joins The ACT!

And brings into view Mental Distress! Now, there’s (pause) a torturous “rack,”

To-stretch-your-body-mind-soul (?) and make you scream out,

With over-stimula – So your whole being can pout!

When the mind has joined in, things can be so much “worse,”

Than dying – and – just having to ride – in a hearse!

Compound Interest! Doubts-fears-confusion!-to-the-point-where-you’ll-break,

And then you-can-have doctors (pause) offer-pills you can take,

Or, perhaps, a lobotomy – to avoid so much strain!

This lifetime’s “The Right Time:” Humility to gain!

For, as we do suffer, in this fine Human Race,

Please-never-lose-sight of the fact – That THIS-IS – THE PLACE,

That angels avoid – AND – most demons as well!!!

So, if you believe all these stories – like the ones about Hell,

Just consider – that-possibly – This ISN’T The End,

And that this “be-all” of existence – and pain’s NOT your friend.

It may be just a tool – and, when you’ve had enough,

Why-not-just give This World “the finger!” It may-not be so tough!

You-know, IF you hang around, you might expect suffering to continue,

But there may be more appetizing dishes! on some other menu!

Just take this-here place – as a sorta bad dream –

You can clean it A BIT – to-give-it a nice sheen,

BUT don’t let it rule you – yea! give it its “due:”

It’s MOSTLY-about sunburns, heartaches and poo!

And, if you think this is too negative, just wait ya a bit,

And The World-might-eventually – let-you-suck-on-its-teat!

But, if the milk’s soured, you shouldn’t be surprised,



    • and everything else for that matter! 🙂

fin ❤


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