Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

In the movement of life I Am, allow yourself to walk with me in the love and guidance I give to you as from the beginning. Be that love and love all people as that is who you are when your heart is one with me. I am not asking you to take with you all there problems but be in touch with love so you can give comfort to them in a way that you feel but do not sacrifice yourself. Have faith that I give you life which is love and if you give love to others by your kindness know I will fill you with life because you have gave that. Living your life with the living faith and understanding I AM, will enrich you as a light that darkness fears. The evil ones know I am God so they try to take your faith away from you so that they can have their way with you. The world in this time you are living in is quickly trying to influence you into the ways of the night and blinding you to the purity that you truly are. Be aware I will fill you with the light when you are open to being with me. Pray each day to me , anytime anyplace I am aware of you for I AM all that is real that surrounds you that is nature and the breath you breathe.

O beautiful God of my heart , thank you for your words for as you know we can forget to be alive in the light if we are not open to you always and can suffer because we separate ourselves Blessed are we with the living faith. Amen.


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