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How to be Beautiful💥💥💥

How to be Beautiful
How to be beautiful with the Law of Attraction is a question I’m asked quite frequently. It’s something I understand quite well…

Growing up, I wanted to be beautiful. I never felt like I was good enough…or pretty enough. I just wanted to feel loved and accepted.

Even when people told me I was beautiful, I didn’t believe it. I didn’t see my beauty.
Over the years, my self-esteem did increase, but I still never felt beautiful enough. No matter how much I looked in the mirror, I saw the ugly duckling – the same person I had always been. I didn’t, I couldn’t, see the person everyone else told me they saw.

Maybe it’s all the pressure put on us by the modeling and film industries – the pressure to be the perfect size zero; the pressure to always look our best at all hours of the day; the pressure to have the perfect hair, the perfect teeth, the perfect skin, the perfect everything…

None of it has anything to do with who we really are. And in our quests for perfection, we miss the very things that people appreciate the most about us, the things that make us the most memorable.

When you spend all of your time criticizing yourself, you never allow yourself to see the wonderful things that make you beautiful.

When you appreciate all the wonderful things you have done in the world, all the amazing talents and skills you have, all the things that make you a terrific person – you become beautiful!

You begin to shine from the inside out. People notice. You notice!
“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” – Sophia Loren
Beauty isn’t about perfection. It isn’t even about being the prettiest person. It’s about confidence.
No matter what you look like, if you hold your head high and project an air of self-confidence, you will look and feel beautiful.
Confidence comes from realizing how amazing you are.
Focus on your good qualities, inside and out:

When were you there for someone who needed you?
When did you tell someone what you appreciate about them?
When did you help someone feel good about him or herself?
When did you do something for someone without expecting anything in return?
When did you accept someone for who they are?
When did you find something in nature beautiful?
When were you strong in a difficult moment?When did you speak nicely about someone instead of gossiping or complaining?
When did you make someone laugh?
When did you take the high road when someone wronged you, instead of being cruel or vindictive?
When were you optimistic when everyone around you was filled with fear or doubt?
When did you honor your values and the things that matter most to you?
When did you love and accept yourself?
You are already beautiful! You may not do these things every day, but you are still beautiful.
You don’t have to be perfect every day to be beautiful. It’s choosing to realize how great you are that makes you beautiful. It’s choosing to be the best person you can be in the present moment that makes you beautiful.

Smile at the wonderful, beautiful person you already are, have always been and always will be.

Secrets to Manifesting Your Soulmate💥💥💥

Secrets to Manifesting Your Soulmate
1. Raise your vibration.
Raising your vibration before doing any of the steps below will add energy to them, drawing your soulmate to you as if by magic. The more consistently you vibrate as already having your soulmate, the more you will attract your soulmate to you. Your soulmate will manifest directly into your life. Really focus into feeling awesome. Enter into a blissful state where you feel truly loved.

2. Write down everything you love about yourself and what you have to give to a relationship.
You are an amazing person with so many wonderful things to give. What are the fabulous things about yourself that you like the best? What do you want your soulmate to notice about you? What do you want him/her to love the most about you? Toot your own horn!

3. Write down your ideal relationship.
List everything you want your ideal relationship to be. Include all of the qualities you want it to express.
We’re not talking about eye color, hair color, or waist size. Focus on the important aspects of the relationship, such as:
how you feel when you’re with your soulmate
the things the two of you do together
common morals and goals
whether you have similar or complimentary financial viewpoints and habits
whether you’re on the same page when it comes to having kids
emotionally available
sense of humor
if you have children already or plan to have children with your soulmate, whether you have similar or compatible parenting styles
good communication
Make sure to include how you would feel if you already had your soulmate in your life. How spontaneous, affectionate, and loved would you feel?
Some other things you might consider including are:

I immediately recognize my soulmate, and he/she recognizes me.
It is the most fulfilling love relationship of my life.
We are so happy together.
People tell us how inspiring our love us, and how it reminds them of what it truly means to love and be loved.
We empower each other.
We bring out the best in each other.
4. Express and appreciate those qualities within you.
Go back over your list and highlight all the feelings you wrote down about how you would feel if you already had those feelings in your life.
How can you feel those things in your life now? How can you feel loved, cherished, respected, wanted? Live your life as if those feelings were already true.
Consistently feel like you are already in a loving relationship with your soulmate.
Feel at one with your soulmate and your relationship with him/her.
If you want to get married, regularly feel a wedding ring on your finger as you go about your day. If you don’t know what this would feel like, get a ring and learn the feeling.
5. List everything you need to do first.
What do you need to do before you are ready to be in a relationship with your soulmate?
Write them all down and see if they are things you truly need to do.
If they are valid, do them and realize you are ready to manifest your soulmate. If they aren’t valid, let them go.
For example, if your home is so filthy you need a hazmat suit to walk in it safely, cleaning your house is something you need to do first. However, completing your novel probably isn’t valid. While it would be nice, it isn’t something that can keep you from your soulmate.

6. Be open!
Be open to manifesting your soulmate. Allow your soulmate to manifest in whatever way the Universe chooses.
Don’t place limitations, such as thinking your soulmate can only come to you through church or that you can only find your soulmate online. Be open to your soulmate manifesting in every way possible, both the expected and the unexpected.
What if your soulmate is your neighbor?
What if you meet your soulmate while you’re vacationing in another country?
What if you meet your soulmate in a coffee shop?
What if your soulmate finds you while he/she is on a business trip?
What if you meet your soulmate next week?
What if you meet your soulmate later tonight?

7. Be in your relationship!
You haven’t manifested your soulmate because of how you have been focusing your energy.
The more you think that you are lonely, need to find “the one,” or that you haven’t met your soulmate, the more blocks you put up to having your soulmate relationship.
You need to do everything you can to pretend you don’t need to find love.
Feel like you have already manifested your soulmate.
Pretend you are so happy and in such a loving relationship that you don’t care whether you meet anyone new or not.
Pretend that you are so happy with your love life that you don’t care if anyone responds to your online dating profile.
Live each day as if you’re already loved, cherished, and appreciated. Live as if you already have all the affection and spontaneity that you want in your world.

8. Be grateful!
Be grateful for all the ways you are already loved by friends, family, pets, nature…the Universe!
Appreciate the wonderful person you get to spend your life with.
Be thankful for meeting your soulmate now.

9. Take action!
Take action and move towards your soulmate relationship.
So many times people think the Law of Attraction is just visualizing, and then sit around and wait for something to happen. You have to be willing to move towards your goal.
Action creates a tremendous amount of energy and helps your soulmate manifest in your life.
Take action towards manifesting your soulmate, but remain detached from the outcome.

10. Consistently keep your vibration high!
Your goal is a high vibration. No matter what happens, remain at one with your soulmate and focus on what you want.
If you keep meeting “the wrong people”, don’t worry about it. It is the energy you put into creating your soulmate relationship that is important.
Know that the Universe is always listening, always there for you, and always working in your best interest to bring you good things. Don’t be impressed with outward appearances.
Keep your vibration high, remain open, and continue to take action towards manifesting your soulmate. Your relationship will come!

From Fox News – Tiger Woods and girlfriend Erica Herman get glammed up for Ryder Cup Gala

Tiger Woods and girlfriend Erica Herman get glammed up for Ryder Cup Gala


Use Google for a reverse phone lookup

Use Google for a reverse phone lookup

In a world full of spam and robo-calls, most of us look at an unknown number on our cell phones with a healthy dose of suspicion. What will happen if you answer? Will it be a legitimate call like an appointment reminder, or is it someone looking to scam you out of your money or personal information?

The easiest way to manage this is to simply not answer your phone when a number you don’t recognize comes calling. If it’s important, the caller can leave a voicemail or get in touch with you through email or text messaging. But you might still be curious about who was on the other end, and Google may be able to help.

Google’s far-reaching search engine should be your first stop when it comes to tracking down a mysterious phone number. Here’s how it works.

Reverse phone lookups
Back in the days of old-fashioned white and yellow pages, you would look up a number by finding a business’s or person’s name in the directory. A reverse phone lookup is what you do when you don’t have a name to start with. It’s all about uncovering the caller behind the number that appeared on your phone.

Since Google catalogs a ton of businesses, your chances of success are pretty good if the number belongs to a company of some sort. Individuals can be more challenging, but even here Google might be able to shine some light on the mystery.

These common scams try to take your money. Here’s how to avoid them.

How to search
With the phone number handy, head over to Google.com and type it into the search box, area code included. So, using a fake movie phone number as an example, it would read 602-555-0100. Run the search and scan the first few results that pop up. If the number belongs to a business, you should the see the name at or near the top of the search results.

Hopefully, this answers your burning question about that mystery number. Perhaps it was a call you were expecting, a legitimate contact from a business, or a even a misdialed number.

Another possibility is that you will see the number logged with one of several websites that attempt to track phone numbers associated with spammers and scammers. This can be a strong indication that the call wasn’t from a legitimate person or business.

Keep in mind that scammers have gotten very good at spoofing phone numbers, so you may even get calls from fake numbers that share the same first six digits as your own. You’ll be glad you didn’t answer that mystery call.

This is the one thing you must do to protect your phone from scammers.

Private numbers
If Google gives you a business name in return, it’s likely to be accurate, but personal cell phone numbers are notoriously hard to track.

So when it comes to individuals, be more careful. For example, I searched for my own phone number, one that I’ve had for over 10 years. Google returned search results associating my number with the names of two different people, neither of whom I know. My phone number may have once belonged to those people, or it could just be a quirk of the search engine. My name never appeared in Google’s search results.

You may still be able to track down a name if that person has shared his or her phone number through a site that Google indexes, like certain online marketplaces or social media sources. Again, don’t take this information as gospel. Names that appear in search results might not be accurate.

While it won’t work for every number, Google can be a great way to find out who’s behind an unknown phone call. You don’t have to answer numbers you don’t recognize, but you may at least be able to satisfy your curiosity.

From Fox News – Facebook says 50 million user accounts affected by security breach

Facebook says 50 million user accounts affected by security breach




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