a.k.a.: “In Her/The Mood!”

12/30/16 Freya’s Day, the last one this year!

Chaucer kissed her “nether eye,”
I prefer her flute!

For, when I can blow it thus . . .
It produced a toot!

Pref’rences are all around . . .
For the young and old . . . .

But, one thing I think you know . . .
(Ya) Gotta be quite BOLD!

Whether holding hands or more! . . .
You must “make a move.”
Else, you’ll never really
Find . . . “One” that’s in “the mood!”
ALL ORIGINAL ART CERTIFICATION is signed POSTCARDS of prints also purchased are signed

ENQUIRES : Jfastereft@gmail.com

Included with this Painting is the original Poem by the author by copyright


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