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RE-WRITE THE STORY: 61 How long you been: ? When does it happen? Do you love _____? HOW DO YOU KNOW? TAKE A DEEP BREATHE – CLOSE YOUR EYES – Think about ______. Really get into it! Notice ______ Got it? What it feels like. As a young _____ . . . Remember who it WAS? involved Feel this feeling & send it to {whom it was} Love – send it – feel it 0 – 10

How strong? – – – – – – – I release ___; it’s safe to release; . . . It’s OK DEEP BREATH(e) -PEACE (1) OK – Can you stil . . . (1) OK – (1) Let it go – it’s safe . . . . “I’m safe.” It’s OK – DEEP BREATH – – – PEACE. OK – Find . . . Can You feel it? GOT THAT FEELING? (1) Let that feeling go. OK – (1) Because – ____ loved me . . . . really did . . . love me – ; it’s safe! DEEP BREATH – – – PEACE (1) Can you feel it? – – – – The Love!? – – – – – (1) ……………………….. {I was in touch with an Australian practitioner – one of Robert G. Smith’s students – he has some really wonderful YouTube videos – on, especially, relationships! I “skyped” with him and received some wonderful coaching! I found that, based on his Facebook page(s) and other materials, he had actually kinda “spun off” of Smith’s basic “tapping” techniques! Anyway, he had some fascinating, sexy devotees himself – a very “international fellow!” I corresponded with some of them – and they were “spiritually advanced,” I felt . . . very centered! Sadly, I lost contact with most of them. Anyway, some of what I am presenting here has to do with, not just Robert G. Smith’s tapping techniques, but also the Australian’s techniques, which, I think, are designed to hit deep, deep levels of emotion; I think he was that one that came up with the mantra: HONOR ALL; RESPECT ALL; LOVE ALL! This is, I think, a great mantra to use while “tapping,” whatever specific technique you might use. I eventually found another wonderful EFT practitioner in the U.K. named David Childerley – David, I think, has also helped many people around The World to use the “tapping” to address very deep issues in their lives. Blessings to all these EFT “tappers!”}


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