Jesus Message

Jesus Message

Turn to me in your daily living, know I am with all those who have surrendered to me. My love and the Spirit of Holiness guides you in your awareness of the Fathers presents. Know love is from the one who created all and is not a physical or worldly feeling but a pure energy that transcends to you through my love. On earth without this love it becomes lust and its qualities are of darkness and abuse, When my love is the motivator then it becomes a sacred act in harmony with my love being with you. Much evil is spreading around the world and respect for life has and is being cheapened. The abuse of children right through to the elderly is of evil, I tell you these things for your law makers and many of those who have been entrusted to care for these ones have and are motivated by lust and greed. I have placed some leaders among them that are serving me so to hold up the coming events so more of you awaken to whats happening very quickly around you, be it abuse, greed , lust, anger taking of life that was sacred for its innocents was of myself. Stand strong in the Holy Spirit, yet let your tenderness be kind and loving for we are one and all who follow this what i say will have life eternal.

Thank you for your loving guidance and the Spirit that will guide us on our sacred mission through these days of on coming darkness. Blessed are we with your love and forgiveness Amen..


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