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β€œPOP SAYS!” a poem SEPT. 25, 2018 – Twos Day

CONCEPTS! of The Religious β€œPATH:”


Perhaps you get (pause) the Heaven-ly,

Place YOU want? – It’s lau-gh-a-bly,

Just-what-people-do – TO-LIMIT THEIR β€œOPS!”

β€œWhat’s-YOUR-idea-of-Heaven? Tell-me, Pops!”

One-religion*-three-levels: TOP? Good! Then, OK!

The bottom one? KINDA like – a-standard-work day,

Which is kinda-like-THIS-place: WORK β€˜TIL YA DROP,

Is considered-a good life! (Just ask POP!)

Another-religious-group!?** Different-levels-each-a-nest:


AND – What IS – comfortable – – – for you?

No pins & needles? BUT – some folks love that too,

β€˜Cause they sleep on nails and say THAT’S FINE!

But – I’ll take a soft mattress, with my Sweetie Divine!

IF you keep going up, in some Heavenly stories,

The-pressure-and-temp’s-Great + You-gotta-have-GOOD-mores!!

SO! (for some) You can sit on a cloud – play the harp all day,

And get bored as sin – and, then, throw it all away:

To go to Dante’s Inferno – and roast or freeze,

Or swim and drown – or just say: β€œPLEASE,”

A million times – β€˜til β€œSatan” says: β€œOK –

I’ll LET YOU(!) reincarnate, or

β€œGo-back-in-your-bod,” the NDErs say.

Well, IF you do wish for Heaven – and-it’s-too-heavy-&-hot,

Can you change your mind? And go to Camelot?

And drink from The Grail Cup?

And have a scrumptious sup?

Well, DON’T ASK ME!**** But I did have a dream!*****

And Heaven’s-in-your-arms (with-POP!)****** Yay!-The-A-Team! πŸ™‚

fin. <3

    • Mormonism, a super religion!

** – Sukyo Mahikari, a Japanese β€œsupra-religion!”

*** – like one, where it is so cold, the slightest movement you make, your skin tears! I guess most folks don’t like the idea of that one! Ow-ee! [β€œCutting & Pasting – Can be REALLY painful!” The Mystic Poet!]

**** – Remember, I’m just [the] big dummy The Mystic Poet!! πŸ™‚

***** – πŸ™‚ – Yea, what else is NEW?

****** – The Holy Trinity! πŸ™‚