Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

Come take in what I give you.I ask you to love me for I dwell there within you and I give you life and love. By being one with me you do this for yourself as well. When you are removed from the love I AM , you become a enemy also of yourself.
This allows you to be against ones that surround you, for I dwell within them as well. When you reject my love you attract the evil one who gives you life by taking from others and is forever seeking the life energy in its deeds to control. The time to understand life and how you have it and how you have been given the freedom to choose how you live it, or surrender it to the darkness that awaits its opportunity when you no longer believe in myself the life giver but only in your own selfish needs and feed the darkness within with your sadness and anger. I have asked you to love your neighbor, you can only do that if you have my love within you. So Love your God as it is My Father and though me and our Spirit of Holiness reject the ones who seek your life and only wish to control you. The moment comes when you will reap the love and be drawn into a place where evil or darkness will not exist and all others will be left in the death they have chosen. Seeing they cant live without taking life from others many throughout the world will lose what life they had to feed the ones they follow. The ones who have turned to the Father in these times will at a time known to my Father be brought home in a heavenly kingdom.

Blessed are we in the care and love of yourself dear Lord. Guide us to seek your love always and to be able to freely give to others. Amen.


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