Your eyes are fix’d, as in poetic sleep,

Small, busy flames play through the fresh laid coals,
And their faint cracklings o’er our silence creep
Like whispers of the household gods that keep
A gentle empire o’er fraternal souls
And while, for rhymes, I search around the poles,
Your eyes are fix’d, as in poetic sleep,
Upon the lore so voluble and deep,
That aye at fall of night our care condoles
This is your birth-day Tom, and I rejoice
That thus it passes smoothly, quietly
Many such eves of gently whisp’ring noise
May we together pass, and calmly try
What are this world’s true joys,—ere the great voice,
From its fair face, shall bid our spirits fly


6 thoughts on “Your eyes are fix’d, as in poetic sleep,”

        1. AUSTRALIA is so vast. Landscapes Differ immensely. It has been said a person born in Australia will never experienced the totally of this country.
          My family travelled this great Continent endlessly and still in their lifetime they never saw it all. AUSTRALIA is a very safe Country to live in. We enjoy our freedom. We truly do not need to travel to other Countries, we have it all here

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