“WHITE HOT DATE FOR SUNDAY!” a poem Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018

A Sunday Night Date,

With my Sweetie’d be great!

We-could-kiss (and) we-could-cuddle,

Do smoochie – and muddle!!!

Get squishy AND dishy; giggle and gaze,

Into-each others’ eyes – sit-in-bed – and-just-laze,

And-eat ice cream* and chocolate – all over the place!!

Play smackie-with (the) pillow – and-go-on-A-SLOW RACE!!!

And be VERY “under cover!” Secret-agents are we!

Sunday-Night-with-my-Sweetie –

It’s a whoop-whoop-TD!!**

🙂 – While-other-folks-are-at-THE-GAME, we are getting some “cardio!” Sweatin’ and straining – it’s a dang, funky “party-o!” A party for two, just for me! Me and poo – And it just might be lasting – ‘til tomorrow is new! “Can-we-have-some-ice-cream, ‘Cause I’m gettin’-a-bit-HOT!” “Sure!” says my Sweetie; “It’s ‘COSMO’ I bought!” And we sail to The Cosmos; on lightning, we do! We’re going so fast, we just meld! (Into) Something (quite) new. We fly and we do things, at The Pure Speed of Light! I-just-LOVE being-with-my-Sweetie – I think Sunday’s ALL RIGHT! ❤

fin. ❤

* – Just so you’ll know, it IS permissible to substitute yogurt for ice cream!

** – Our “mission statement:” to score more TDs than any professional team playing Sunday Night Football that day! 🙂 – Ooooooooh, YEA!


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