Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

I call to each of you, for I chose you to help change things in the places you live , to be a light for others. I placed this man Luke among you so he would write the messages to you yet many of you read and enjoy my words then walk away and forget what I give to you, for it was to lift you as lights as I intended.
Take note of what I say and you will know this messenger is my Disciple. for I will reward each of you as your light grows.
Some of you try to hard to please me and I ask only that you surrender to my love and in times you fall down I will pick you up, so do not judge yourself ,for being with you on your journey my forgiveness see’s your beauty and perfection . For your heart is with me and the old you is stumbling along and makes mistakes but the heart love is changing you. You are preparing with your love to become your true self which is like my new creation that will be in a new world of eternal love joy and excitement. Each of you will be a special part of me so your gift to all will be unique.

Thank you dear Lord for being with us as we make our way home to you, for without you it would not be possible to grow in our love to be and believe of the wonderful understandings to come. Amen. Luke Le Bree.


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