Letter to my husband❤❤

Sometimes it’s the little things you do make the love to go around

It’s the shoulder kisses, cook breakfasts and the “drive safe” texts

It’s those things that for some reason make you feel more loved than you ever have before

It’s easy to plan elaborate nights out, but when someone can make you feel so happy just by doing the smallest things, that’s when you have something so special together

My husband is perfectly suited to me cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is when he’s is MISSING me❤❤


(60) (TODAY) A Song came to mind: “I Think I Love You” – by The Partridge Family. Another Song (too!), a (Chant) OM NAMAH SHIVAYA – done, wonderfully, by the devotees of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (NOT the sitar player, but the guru – Well, actually, I don’t know! He MIGHT play the sitar too!!) YouTube Om Namah Shivaya: calls upon Shiva to aid in the death of the ego & in rebirth (through meditation – devotion?) Reminder: a quote from Anonymous – GO IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR GREATEST HAPPINESS . . . IF you’ve lost your direction, maybe it’s best just to stay put (for a while). On the last page, the last few lines of Joseph Campbell’s “Flight of The Wild Gander:” “For there is, in fact, in quiet places, a great deal of deep spiritual quest & finding . . . . outside the sanctified social centers, beyond their purview & control: in small groups, here & there, and more often, more typically, by ones & two [Muffie & me] there entering the forest at those points which they themselves have chosen, where they see it to be most dark, and there is no beaten way or path. – – – What would I LIKE my life’s purpose to be? A: Helping to point Muffie in the “right” direction. Issue: Can your mind create a fantastic life for you? DAD – – to – – J – – ” . . . Glad we had this chat (About fastereft) Time: 1:11 P. M. Song selections: “You’re Just Too Good To Be True.” “(I Love You) Just The Way You Are.”

* – Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya – – – Raco Mozos (?) [Deva Premah: Om Namo Bhagavate”] “You have to BE A LIGHT TO YOURSELF” ; Krishnamurti “Don’t get caught in method” what Ram DASS said Neem Karoli Baba taught him after Baba took many pills of LSD & NOTHING HAPPENED! * “It’s ALL A STAND-UP COMEDY * 🙂


“SURRENDER!” a poem Friday: Sept. 21, 2018

What if we TREAT THE OTHER as “God” and see what transpires?

Expect ABUSE? – Loving Kindness? and-maybe-some-vampires,

Those fanged folks who will notice your extreme devotion,

And urge you to STRAY – and cause a commotion!

AND! Assume that Your Master – knows all this;

Pray tell: Whose arse – will you kiss!?

IF you serve two masters – and they conflict,

Which p – – -y (pause) will you choose to lick?

IT’S QUITE A CHORE – Your Strategy –

To surrender and serve, like THE GIVING TREE!*

Who always gave – and often hurt,

But! In-the-end, still (was) rooted-to-DIRT!**

[“She”* was finally able – to be what SHE longed for:

SUPPORT for Her boy – and a little bit more!!]

IF you’re a tree and you give up your fruit,

The fruit will grow back, so that’s not much hurt;

If-you-give-up-your-branches, as kindling or-for-weaves,

You sure will be shorn, losing most of your leaves;

And, IF no main-branches-or-trunk? – that could be,

THE END OF YOU – except for (perhaps) a stump we’ll see!

Perhaps just give ½ or ¾ of your fruit away,

And you’ll still have some fruit for another bright day,

BUT – If you give up a whole lot more –

The person accepting? (Could-be) “CHOICE POOR!”

And you might just consider finding another,

To be your Good Master – or, you -could be your own “mother;”

To be your own Master!? SURRENDER TO YOU!

Being kind and-a-bit-strict? Not a bad thing to do:

SURRENDER TO YOURSELF! and expect “ups” & “downs,”

AND – if you find a real good lover! – YOU CAN SHARE DUAL CROWNS!

fin. ❤

* – A tree, the protagonist, in a children’s story by Shel Silverstein called (you guessed it!) THE GIVING TREE!

** – The apparent bedrock of existence!


“YOU’RE SO PRETTY!” a poem. Saturday: September 22, 2018. This picture is of Czechoslovakian model Denise Milani, BEFORE she had her breasts enhanced because, I GUESS, she felt she DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH CLEAVAGE! Don’t get me wrong! She is still gorgeous (you can check out her many modeling pictures, which show off her enhanced figure and beautiful smile), but, in this “before” picture, she is not completely without charm! 🙂 – Le Sigh!

You’re SO pretty, and you don’t know,

Because some God Unknown – did sow,

The bright idea – that “your-body’s-wrong!”

And – deep, deep down each girl will long,

TO HAVE ANOTHER – kind of “frame,”

Like Sophia – or Raquel – or What’s-His-Name!


Or guys would ALL be killed! Like me,

‘Cause “God” (and gals) need(s) guys around,

We-gotta-be-sal-vaged – from-The-Lost-and-Found,


ALL you girls – each-a-”shining-star!”

So, the reason we get to hang around,

Is-to-remind-you-all WHERE PRETTY’S FOUND:

And since we know & tell you so,

And you-STILL (just) cry out: “ I AM a HO!”

WE HAVE A PURPOSE: to show/see how pretty,

You-are! from: Head-to-Foot! and Hips-to-Titty!

And, DON’T YOU WORRY! (You-can)-skirt-the-compliment,

But, Honey! I won’t stop! I-know-you’re-HEAVEN-SENT! 🙂

fin. ❤


“SET YOUR MONKEY FREE!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Satisfying Luisa Mendoza!” 09/21/2018 (Friday) in a poetic series, entitled: “Foregone Conclusions!”

In the jungles of Borneo, live-the WILD howler apes!

(They live on their love, mosquitoes and grapes!)

And the males-they’re-quite-massive,

But their women? Generally-passive,

EXCEPT!!!!! When-estrus-will-break-free-and-unleash,

The passionate feminine spirit! I-think-I’ll-have-some-quiche,

And describe for you the scene: from TOP to the BOTTOM!!

(Whether it’s Springtime, Summer or Autumn!)

‘Cause ONCE A MONTH (Ba-a-by) – The girls are intense,

Their sexual appetites have coordinated with the mense,

And it’s time to explode – in a bloody free-for-all!!

And THE MALES ARE HORNY – at The Wild Monkey Ball!!

Hours go by, and seed! It is spilled,

All over the place, and the women are filled –

To overflowing, and THEY WANT MORE,

And!!! Suddenly-drained! THE BOYS START TO SNORE!

But the gals’ll have none of that, for they want it ALL,

So, the boys (completely depleted!) – run for cover – or – CRAWL;

That’s when the male howler howls, LIKE SOME SISSY GIRL,

For it’s more like a whimper, from Jack and from Earl,

And Bonzo and Cheetah and Skippy and Joe:

The boys find a place; they hide out BELOW,

The tree line! To-avoid girls ABOVE,

Who are dancing and screaming – with passion and love!?

And this is the scene – for hours-through-the-night!

The boys? They are (scared &)-snorin’! The girls? Feelin’ BRIGHT,

And the girls are a-dancing – and kissing a lot!

They dance with each other, and smell-the-other’s butt!!


Who are sleeping, secluded – “sawing logs” with their tales!



Guys can be pretty good, BUT! In the long run (heh! heh!)

The Nymphonic Girls – overwhelm all the guys,


AS EACH HOWLER GIRL CRIES!! 🙂 -but, wait!!*

fin. ❤

* – Now, just you cheer up, you Monkey Boys, for I’ve a plan,

A way to “keep going,” and be-a real man!

Just NEVER SLEEP – and-drink-your-s—n-with-pride,

For I can “SEE I,” so I’ll never have to hide!!

BUT! It’s better-to-avoid-too-many girls at one time,

Just one in the bed – and you’ll have a good “climb!” 🙂