Jesus Message

Jesus Message

It has been questioned about whom one should love and who is the people that are and should be in your life. I say to you all to love all people but be and associate with ones that love my Father and I . In this way you will not be drawn away from the greatest love of all which we offer you. All people in their true state loved to be loved but because they dont understand the source of the love drift away and draw problems to themselves and will influence you when they feel able to make you feel they are more intelligent and know who should be judged , which is the beautiful people whom I call my own ,like yourselves. In my eyes my sacrifice allows me to see your true self and its hearts intention. So I see your perfection, but I am aware of your needs and sorrows and through your prayers I will through my Spirit guide you home without question. Your light is a inspiration to others to the end and a joy to my heart watching over you. So my wonderful family work and the ones closest to you as a partner, husband, wife, friend sisters and brothers. Be the light in your ways of living and hopefully bring the lost ones home with you.

Thank you dear Jesus for this message for we all wrestle with problems like this. But now feel encouraged to do as you say and be guided by the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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