“Why-are-you-torturing-me? Why are you torturing me-so-much-like-this

“WHY?” a poem a.k.a.: “Surprise?” Friday: 14 Sept 2018

“Why-are-you-torturing-me? Why are you torturing me-so-much-like-this?

Denying me a ‘proper’ hung? Foregoing (even) one-sweet-kiss?

You’re cruel and unthinking – Do you Do this-all-the-time?

And then – you write about it – in a vicious little rhyme!

And try to tell me (you villain) that-I-am-doing ALL,

And IF I-were-to-place-any-blame, ‘I’ – I – I – I – should take “the fall!”

Well, lemme tell you, buddy – I-surely know – The Blame,

Falls squarely on YOUR shoulders! You think I am insane?

Well, I won’t stand for more abuse – from your vile self!”

With that – The Little Barbie Doll,



The Shelf,

And, as I picked her (up) tenderly,

She stared into my eyes:

“I KNEW you’d come & rescue me – from-my-suicide-surprise!”

“But Barbie – Little Barbie! – I love you more than life!” said

Ken (who was-once G. I. Joe) – “Will you be my wife?”

“We-are-already-married; we’ve-been-wed since we were made,

Since we were cast and molded –

(in a still, small voice)

I wish I could get LAID!” 🙂 – Barbie, Barbie!

fin. ❤


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