“THE TORMENTING INSPIRATION OF MY LIFE!” a poem, written by (you-guessed-it) LOVE: Love Herself. So it is TOTALLY about NO ONE I know – or – it’s about EVERYONE I know!! 🙂 Remember! LOVE wrote this poem; NOT me! and … it is NOT about YOU … or YOU … or YOU … ❤ – or you!

She’s up and down, with-a-smile; then a frown!

She’s my biggest inspiration – AND – my fondest frus-tur-ation!



And THEN – She concludes (much) – THIS AND THAT!

Has she “figured me out?”* She’s like a cat,

Aloof and crafty, with selfish needs,

To cage this Juan, who bleeds & bleeds!

[Remember, this is NOT about you, AND LOVE is writing it, OK!]

She LOVES to lie – AND – tell the Truth,

With “prints of Darkness:” “COME-TO-MY-’BOOTH!’”

And writhe a while – and talk with me;

“Well, NOW, just-let-me-talk – and-you-MUST-agree,

With all my thoughts!” – and THEN, she’ll turn,

And light-me-on-fire – and watch me burn,

And taunt and laugh and lie and sing,

And deny our marriage, until ANOTHER RING,

Another wedding ring’s secured!

“YOU’LL NEVER LEAVE!” Is my vision blurred?

Or – do I see clearly – that there’s NO WAY OUT;

She gets all that she wants** – and then she’ll-still-pout,

[Remember, this is NOT about you, AND LOVE is writing it, OK!]

For “COMPLAINTS,” they are her middle name;

She’ll curse the Heavens; I’ll get the blame!

The strategy? Imbalance HIM!

Set-him-on-fire! and THEN – make-him-dim;

Douse-him with water, cold and sweet,

Then-she’ll-have-something nice to eat!

IF-I’m TOO HARD, the-water will soften,

So she can chew on me quite often,

And snatch my liver from me – dai-ly,

And chew – as-I-watch – her eat (me) gaily,

As I bleed – and re-grow another,

Scrumptious LIVER – I-shall-not-recover:

I won’t escape these chains of mine,***

I’ll (probably) never get her Valentine!

[Remember, this is NOT about you, AND LOVE is writing it, OK!]

BUT – one soft day, at-The-Break-of-Dawn,

She arrived again – to eat her John,

And nothing-was-there except a note,

And this is what she read-I wrote,

“I never was! I’m just a specter!”

And that one line, it really wrecked her;

“I AM still here; I’ll always be,

For-I’m-the-one-who-ADORES-you, see?

And, when your eyes do surely open,

You’ll realize, you’ve-been-forever-gropin’


Are slightly dispersed (pause) tempting other Madames,


[Remember, especially here, this is NOT about you, AND LOVE is writing it!]

With THAT, She paused – and put down the key,

That keyed The Lock that held HIS chains;

She cried a while – and felt Heart pains!


The Stars Above;

SO SAT MY LADY – Her name: is LOVE ❤

[See, the woman is LOVE; it’s just about LOVE chaining Prometheus, the incarnation of stupid guys, tricked by The Unknown God {see, e.g.: St. Paul’s declaration in The Book of Acts} to seek LOVE, the attention of pretty girls, who chain up their sorry boyfriend’s a – – – s and beat them senseless (not that they have any sense to start with) and eat their liver (taking them for all they’re worth) and, then, at some point, LOVE realizes she has just been beating the proverbial “dead horse,” and we all know that you usually can not rouse a dead horse UNLESS, of course, you are Jesus, who can say: “Arise, Horse, And Ride!” However, Jesus don’t work cheap – He requires a pledge! Like your first-born male child! or IF you have a stout girl who can pull a plow, well, sometimes he’ll perform your miracle for your first-born female child. Anyway, see? This poem is all about allegories and metaphors and myths and magic! Just like all my poems, which are just written on Facebook to give me something to do – while I am waiting to die – or – go to Australia and mate with a kangaroo, whichever comes first. {We’re thinking of naming our first-born child BOOBALOO! What do you think?}
fin. ❤


** – which is EVERYTHING! She wants it all; she deserves it all; I WILL give her ALL!! 🙂

*** – Where would I go? Besides, I am too lazy!! 🙂


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