“THE PERFECT GIRL FOR ME!” a poem! a.k.a.: “Re: NOT A Terrible Ordeal At The Karaoke Bar, And Here’s Why!” Sept. 18, 2018 – Tuesday!

“THE PERFECT GIRL FOR ME!” a poem! a.k.a.: “Re: NOT A Terrible Ordeal At The Karaoke Bar, And Here’s Why!” Sept. 18, 2018 – Tuesday!

There’s a girl in town, who frequents the bars;

She walks & she talks & she won’t ride in cars!

There are simply no fellows with an interest in her,

So I’ll never-have-to-duel – or call-anyone “Sir!”

And she has no comadres, who gossip or tease,

Or try to bring “bad boys” down to their knees!

She seldom will eat, needs no lunches or dinners!

She-has-NO-plans-for-a-family, and she spurns all “the winners!”

Her wardrobe is bare, for she shops second-hand,

And she has little interest in possessions or land,

And she never makes judgment and is never depressed;

She needs no attention! Doesn’t think like the rest!

And she doesn’t expect me to call anytime,

And she just loves to listen – to all of my rhyme!

And she loves, yes! She loves! Without expectation,

Of anything – other-than – some drama-tization,

And her name is NOT Margie, yet her figure is fine,

But NO lady’s Margie – no-one’s-that-divine –

And I don’t-think-I-desire – to deal with all,

Of her luggage and baggage, that I’ll find in her hall,

BUT! I DO-want-to-carry my Margie’s-dress-stuff,

And, maybe, one day I will say: “That’s enough!!”

But, who knows? Perhaps! Cayce’s* theory-is conclusive:

That the perfect attraction – provides an exclusive,

FIT! and a yearning – for one SPECIAL ONE,

Who-you’ve-fallen-in-Love-with! ([A] “Thunderbolt” from My Hon!)

Which has struck at my core – and, perhaps, it’s ALL DONE!**

No-more-looking-with-some-passion – for a mate! There is none,

AND – that prettiest girl – in the bars – doesn’t exist,

And all of those things, I will not have to twist,

And turn & adapt, regarding-things that she needs,

You see, I’d much rather (pause) invest-chivalrous-deeds,

In the direction of Margie – so pretty and fine,

So kind and well-organized – Yes, sir, she’s divine!!

And she inspires me to do, as I’ve not done before,

And my life’s beyond measure, as I act as her whore,

And I dream of her hair and of washing it long,

And I think on her shoulder is where I belong,

And, if I do stray – in a dream or a vision,

And caress someone else, with some sexual collision,

When I wake in the morning, IF the sun shines once more,

I’ll close my eyes tight, and I’ll pray, ‘til I’m sore:

That the girl next-to-me is Margie, my Dear,

For in-the-light-of-The-Sun –

She’s the one I want here! 🙂

fin. ❤

* – Edgar Cayce: a 20th Century “prophet,” who suggested that humans are “designed,” like doves, to “mate for life!”

** – Jesus Christ: “It is finished!” 🙂