“PIANO MAN!”  a poem.  Sept. 13, 2018  a.k.a.: “When Should You Show Compassion To The Homeless?  Just Remember: THERE, BUT FOR THE GRACE OF ‘GOD,’ GO I!” MYSTIC POET

“PIANO MAN!” a poem. Sept. 13, 2018 a.k.a.: “When Should You Show Compassion To The Homeless? Just Remember: THERE, BUT FOR THE GRACE OF ‘GOD,’ GO I!”

We’re-ALL! Yes, we-are-all-of-us – WE ARE: The-Piano-Man,

On-a-lonely-side-street-corner, doing what we can!

Some-of-us have taken detours – made footprints in The Sand,

The Sands of Time are glistening – I’ll grab some, with my hand,

And watch-light-silhouetting! Is it dawn? or sweet sunset?

Our lives, so close connected – YOU KNOW? This man! I’ve met:

I’ve met him in my secret self – in dreams at night, although,

I THINK the two of us – are ONE – BUT – can we ever know?

We only feel connection – in-an in-tu -it-ive way,

When tears begin to flow through us – then, I am apt to say:

“WITHIN MYSELF – I-EXPERIENCE – Love for both large and small,

Love for mean and crafty!? YES!-Love!-Upon-us-ALL

I-call-CALL-OUT! for EVERYBODY – to pause a while and sigh,

And KNOW THE LOVE THAT-BINDS-US-ALL – and never question WHY?

There’s WISDOM in ACCEPTANCE – of everyone we see,

Of people-things-and circumstance – It’s happening ALL to ME!”

And – SO – I urge COMPASSION – for-the-tortured-and-the-weak,

For those of strange “religions” and those who are so meek,

They can not help themselves along – So, do not be “a sleeper!”

Remember, FACEBOOK Friends ALL-told:

“You are your brother’s keeper!” 🙂 – *

fin. ❤

* – For – YOU A R E YOUR BROTHER!! ❤