Diary of a Mad Man 🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴

58. You can only understand bet-ween-ness IF you’re in it. WHAT IS AWAKENING? to SIMPLIFY! (Shaktipat) The Stopping of Looking – – – being immersed in the truth of I AM THAT . . . The ONLY AWARENESS is God awareness – – – it is ALL that’s going on. this is NOT philosophizing – self-evident – laid out – CRUSHED TO DUST BY LOVE – realizing, truly, that GOD is LOVE. The World Truly becomes poignant . . . be prepared to live with a broken, vulnerable heart – – – everything gets in and everything is you. – – – EVERYTHING’S ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY = THAT IS AWAKENING & that is absolutely NOT awakening, because IT IS BEYOND DESCRIPTION. THOUGHTS ARE really significant, but ONLY if you give them significance. FEELINGS, on the other hand, are something else. – what? I do not know. Bi-polarity is BEING REALLY INTERESTED v. BEING REALLY NOT INTERESTED. Is polarity simply pointed awareness? Is not that being AWAKENED? Whatever is writing must not be aware or awakened!! it’s still asking questions! Interesting – Bart Marshall, self-proclaimed Awakened one, agrees with me, saying something like: the Absolute seems to be drawn to real JUICY (he calls them) Experiencing. My guess or belief was: Unmanifest Divinity gets into REALLY, REALLY INTERESTING stuff, good or bad, happy or sad, pleasant or terrible, It DOESN’T MATTER. Bart Marshall quote: The Heart of the matter is: this NOW moment contains ALL, but we do tell (stories?) & one of these stories is: X – – – for me, this X is part of my story: J D & Sheri Robin (my ex-wife) are apparently on the phone . . . dot, dot, dot . . . What (or who(m)) is THE GUIDE – ? Who or what is the Sat – Guru – is he / is she in or out? real or not real? Inner voice? Which Voice. A: Isn’t the sat-guru everything and anything You take it to be . . . or nothing but an urge? Sat-guru: Whatever keeps you on the path of (your) Heart (The topic of Bart Marshall’s Talk – YouTube TAT, less than an hour). {I think it is a wonderful video – but I DON’T recommend it – mainly, because I do not think I recommend anything anymore – except, maybe, “Follow your heart, whatever that means to you!”} The sat-guru, YOUR sat-guru is close to and/or allied with your feelings (perhaps all of them – perhaps even & maybe especially with your so-called negative ones) – maybe the sat-guru is not so much related to your thoughts, but somewhat maybe. Maybe this has to do with – Should I go with my heart or mind, with my feelings or thoughts,(?) Most of the so-called “spiritual” folks recommend (to) go predominantly with the heart, but maybe not always. Who knows? “The purpose of life IS this moment, whole & complete!” Bart Marshall. “THE PURPOSE OF LIFE IS THIS: The conscious union with our source” Douglas Harding. I heard something neat: WE ARE NOT HUMAN BEINGS; WE ARE BEING BEINGS. {or, I wonder, perhaps: Beings being!? Who knows!} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TcztyNlFx0