Most-everything-here’s-about-SEXUAL -TENSION!

“THE HOLY SPIRIT: PROCREATIVE URGE EXTRAORDINAIRE!” a poem, a.k.a.: “You’re S – – – – d!” Sept. 12, 2018

Sexual tension!

Sexual tension!

Most-everything-here’s-about-SEXUAL -TENSION!

There is no solution, and ALL-ENERGY,

Is-just-sexual-in-nature, and WE CAN-NOT AGREE,

IF the woman or man’s point of view is “The Best!!!”

Pretty obvious! They-both-”count,” but-we-can’t-bloody-rest,

‘Cause guys are all tense, with a lump in their pants,

And women want sweet talk – and foreplaying romance,

AND-only-(a-FEW)-select-guys* (do-they-want!) The-rest?-go-away,

But all guys be sniffing – and they can’t sniff out gay,

‘Cause everyone’s GAY and everyone’s STRAIGHT,

Despite brain analyses ( 😉 -You-know, SEX IS JUST GREAT!

It has such COMPLEXITY(?) -and-long-term-effects:

Pregnancy and disease – But such joy in this HEX,

That “God” has “laid on us,” Mother-Nature’ll have her way,

‘Cause sexual tension – don’t last for one day!

It lasts and it lasts, and we’re driven by desires,

Of our mind (pause) and-our-body-also-conspires,

To act on impulse, when (s)he enters the room,

Or-if-he-flashes his smile – and talks like a groom!

The saying is accurate, for-every-chickie-and-dude:


ALL OF US S – – – – – D! 🙂

fin. ❤

    • or gals!

** – No! I did NOT say “horny!”***

*** – However, it may just be for some of us! {Not me, of course, since I would be immune to love’s call, whatever the heck that means!}