Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

I ask you to seek the love within you and give to those that need to be inspired. Seek to give comfort to those who seek the truth and understanding yet there self love lacks and a blindness hides them from there power which I will give to them. All of you I love and wish you to see your true value, if you dont demons will make your life a slave to the miseries . I and you enlightened ones can help even cure but first the ones you wish to do this for must be willing and have chosen to give up there possessed life. In the case of you ladies to be as a mother, or like one strong in the love and come forward in all ways yet be a lady of true but free in there spiritual love not just a role. For men to be strong within them selves so the weak can feel comfortable in there strength and surety. Each of you people of my love can choose the love , I only help you to understand the love you posses and know the abilities you have. Freedom is what you offer them to choose to come to me or remain blind in the chaos that one day will follow. Be as you are, be the love of God in the way that is a joy and effective to you and bless the lost.

Thank you my dear Jesus, my life has been through much but is now yours with a completeness that only your love can embrace in all ways. so that I try to make sacred in all I do. Amen.
Luke Le Bree


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