“EARLY MORNING BIRDIE SONG!” a poem Sunday: September 9, 2018 … a.k.a.: “We Birdies Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Butter Thank-You Very Much!” 🙂

The birdies have come, once again (to) flap and sing,

To greet us all over – such freedom they bring:

Flapping & Chirping & Pooping ALL OVER,

And squawking at (feral) kittie – and our doggie named Rover,

And the natural process of life has begun,

Once More! To amaze & renew – WHERE’S THE SUN?

For-it warms and enlivens each gay, little bird,

As they eat and they sing and they are NOT perturbed!

For the things of our World have infected them NOT,

Like cancer and sorrow and “What have I got?”

And “What have I done?” and “What more is needed?”

The birdies proclaim: “YOUR LIFE! YOU’VE IMPEDED!

With silly-human notions and long-term range goals,

And voting and engines and cell phones and souls,

And we-couldn’t-care-less, as we gaily partake,

Of our good morning bread crumbs – and some-water in The Lake –

And a chirp here & a chirp there & a flap and a flutter –

And we’re-just-happy-to-be-here, with some bread without butter! 🙂 -yum!

fin. ❤


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