Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

My beautiful friends just know when you see and feel at one with me, let it be love and let not the yeast puff you up to think you are better than others just more loving and closer to me. When you set out to impress others you could easy find the wrong path and teach that which is not real. Life is the breath and love of myself and your connection to it brings my glory to your soul. The love others give you is deserved but it is what I share with you and those you help that brings us into a relationship of one.
Your faith to step forward is a mastery in itself , but the truth of of your actions is from your creation from Heaven. Many people are drifting away from this truth and following words and actions dressed up to make sense to a logical mind , when in fact they lead you astray from myself and they know not the consequences will be. The world i n the main is choosing to separate itself from me and your citys are becoming corrupted by gaining the material but loseing the spirit. Let not this day or night pass you by turning to me with a loving heart and place a tear or two in repentance if you are one I refer to. My children who everyday know me I wish to say on the behalf of my Father, Myself and my Spirit how joyful and pleased in our oneness are to have you as the flowers of creation . beautiful, and so loved to be our family.

In Prayer we are overwhelmed by your Glory and love you freely give to us as your family. Give us the will and respect to live as you have wanted your creation to be . Love you Jesus. Amen

Luke Le Bree.


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