“Drunk Romance?!”

“INTOXICATION!” a poem a.k.a.: “Drunk Romance?!” Saturday: 8 Sept 2018

Want-ta-get drunk? With no cost to you?

JUST FALL YOU IN LOVE! (This is nothing that new!)

Lovers-have-been-reeling – around for some time,

As time will go by – in a mystical rhyme,

To the violin’s sound – or a lyrical singer,

Who “chirps” as we kiss: It’s a real “wing-dinger,”

And we stagger and drool and slur every word,

Flap angel wings! YOU’RE MY LOVELY SONG BIRD!

We’ll SOAR unto Heaven, to a drunken refrain,

Sung in a tavern, called: “GOD’S HOLY REIGN!”

The chemicals mix with our blood and our sinew;

IT’S SUCH DRUNK ROMANCE & (there’s) nothin’-we-can-do,

And we’ll regret it all later, when I might suggest:

“Let’s do it forever,” as I lay on your chest! 🙂 – Yup!

fin. ❤