You want to come to Aussie Land.

Spring is here and in Australia that also means swooping magpies, but what many don’t realise is that behind every swooping magpie is a nasty Bailup. This Aussie subspecies of leprechaun has formed an interesting bond with the magpie to separate humans from their money. Just like the bushrangers of old, Bailups sit and wait for an unwary passerby. As soon as its target walks by its tree, the Bailup forces the magpie to swoop. As the passerby runs away from the magpie, coins usually fall from pockets, purse or bag. Then when the person has fled out of sight, the little bushranger will scurry down, snatch up the coins and hide them in its secret gumtree.
Over many years of bushranging, Bailups can amass a large fortune. If you are clever enough to catch one of these shrewd blighters – Bailups are forced to hand over their key that unlocks a hidden magical door at the bottom of their gumtree. Once this magic door is opened, years of hoarded treasure will pour out.
Australia is such a MYTHIC place.