“PROOF OF A DREAM! or A Bad Reality Show or A Wonderful Reality Show!

“PROOF OF A DREAM! or A Bad Reality Show or A Wonderful Reality Show!” a poem. Freya’s Day: 7 Sept 2018

I woke up BRIGHT – and BUBBLY too;

I woke up, next to my Sweetie True;

I WOKE UP! and-I’ll-always-be-loving-you;

I woke up and wondered WHAT’LL I DO,

With this time today?

“Is-it-real?” I often say.

I fed the birdies; I ate the breakie;

I flossed and rinsed – what-a Star Trekky

I turned on the TV – to watch the great news,

YOU’LL N E V E R GUESS!! There’s-a-really-silly-ruse,

About who’s living in Washington! – IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!

They are trying to convince EVERYONE – that The President’s a mouse,

OR – a Dirty Rat!! I’m-tellin’-you, you’ll NEVER guess,

There’s this one reality show, running – and it’s SUCH A MESS!

They’ve TURNED everything – clean around,

I just laughed and laughed, as I heard the sound,

Of the REALITY PRESIDENT! They’ve stuck TRUMP!!* in there!!

I know; I know – You probably couldn’t-even-care!!

But – WHAT A SILLY SHOW! Stickin’ THE-LAST-GUY-who-should be ruling,

Do-you-remember him? He makes lots o’ money & celebrities to drooling,

AND HIS WIFE!! She’s a MODEL!! But! Don’t laugh so hard,

They once stuck an actor in there – REAGAN! What a card!

He had a wife – who worshiped The Stars!!

REALITY SHOWS!-Next thing we know, there’ll be electric, floating cars!

🙂 – Don’t make me laugh so much; I have to pee!

fin. ❤

Post Note: But REMEMBER Friends – and neighbors ALL;

Just remember: Hey, (pause) Is this a firewall?


So don’t put too much stock – in a shady deal!

Yet! Don’t be mean now! and don’t-lose-it, Dear!

IT’S ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY – so there’s NOTHING to fear!!

OK – so there was a writing assignment, nationally – in our pubic schools! The assignment: WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT: IF YOU THINK THE WORLD MIGHT BE A BETTER PLACE WITH ANOTHER AMERICAN PRESIDENT IN PUBIC OFFICE!

One student (a teenager, a high school student) with “a handle” THE MYSTIC POET turned this in:

OH, come on – even IF Hillary (Clinton) had gotten IN, we’d STILL scream: “UNFAIR!”

What about her predator husband BILL? (pause) What?! (pause) He’s already been-in-there!?**

This one was written by a little girl named The Mystic Poet! Little Melaney Schumaucher, from Pasadena – I mean – The Mystic Poet! Yea, she, just this year, started grade school, and she was given the same assignment! Little Melaney wrote:

Well I dunno know could be wrose of course –

What about the rancher from Texas who cant even read a horse?

Plus I heard he cant talk and chew gum all together,

OR what about my really mean older sister named Heather?

So maybe Dawn’s not so bad He got a nice suit,

And I think it’s a plad,*** &-I-like-Melaney, she’s-cute!****

    • you know, Donald Trump, the multi-millionaire nightclub owner, “666″ and all that jazz!

** – You gotta be kidding me! 🙂 – Of course, I AM!!

*** – which rhymes with Vlad, a vampire!

**** – Little Miss Schumaucher noted that her name is the same as the “Femme Primo!” (Where she ever got THAT term, we’ll never know! What they pick up in school these days!!)