Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

My son please, I ask you to tell all my family of my love and for all the ones they have had who have come home for I still do love for this make us one in my family. Your dreams , your beautiful heart is heard in heaven and each person you talk to you smile and share my love, not always my words but the feelings of love joy and peace. Tell the ones that are close to you that for each time they feel wonderful or feel different when with you, enter into them let them know its my love they feel and through you I allow the Holy Spirit to enter deeper into them. My love to all who love you will be blessed for they have my gratefulness being touched by the Father and my Spirit. I have many messengers in the world and the same applies to them. They know that when they are with you they bring joy and love and when alone tears of joy for being worthy that I chose them. This will not undermine the ones who seek myself for there value is like a mother to her baby, most precious. Pray to me my dear messenger for that love that you wish to share and awaken others. But know my deep love for you in doing so will cloak you in glory come the day you come home leading the many thousands you have touched with our love.

Most blessed and beautiful God thank you for being who you are and the majestic beauty you will bestow on all of our family. AMEN. Luke Le Bree.


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