You love the – little Heavenly birdies.

❤ 🙂

“THE REASON!” a poem. a.k.a.: “The Big TOE* Song!” sung: to the tune “For The Bible Tells Me So!” September 6, 20-18: THURSDAY.

X3 + [How-ow-ow – ‘d – cha-get – to-be –

So-Pretty? x 3

(Maybe) The Bible’ll tell us Ho (HOW)!]

(1) Ya – ate – pretty manna for

Breakie x 3

With-Sweet- Coffee, don’t cha know


(2) Ya fell in love with [Jesus] [Judas] [Mary] x 3

‘Cause – they never tells you “NO!”

(3) Ya – get- a halo – wings – & you’re a booby – do-bee / poopie x 3

And – BABY! Can – you -grow!


You love the – little Heavenly birdies,

You Love – every person, including “big turdies!”

Even – politicians and – Hannibal Lecter –

And – You like fried brains – with Galilean roe …


[’Cause – You suck on my Holy – Ho!]

fin. ❤

    • someone claiming to be a physicist named Thomas Campbell supposedly wrote a book called MY BIG TOE; here, TOE is an acronym for Theory Of Everything!! Another wonderful piece of writing, to enrich the supposed hearts and minds of aimless humans, looking for “another read,” a reason for existence and something else to spend their apparent money on! I am sure Mr. Campbell is a wonderful person, with a wonderful philosophy of life – and, of course, all such philosophies of life, when offered to the general public, DEMAND payment. L. O. L. Q. E. D. Shalom – Namaste – Whoop-ti-doo!