“WAITING FOR LAZY TO SET IN!” a poem September 6, 2018: Thursday!

Give it a-little-time! We are all waiting,

For laziness to “set in,” and then there’s some mating!

Samantha McGoo – down at The Store,

Working-9-to-5, always looking for more:

ONE DAY! (she) figures out: “Hey! This is A DRAG!

Like – getting up early.” [Now, she don’t mean to brag],

BUT – “I can attract – a BIG boy, with-my-kitty –

To support me, oh, so nicely – I’ll just put out A BITTY!

And SNATCH that boy -to me – for a lifetime RIDE,

Down EASY STREET – Get him on MY side,

Then, I won’t need to get up so early and work!

Maybe I’ll birth some kitt(dd)ies – and tell him – he’s NO jerk,

Even though I KNOW he’s a dope, for my feminine STUFF,

(And it’s really not so special!) So, before he’s had enough,

Of my emotional moods – and my little, lazy streaks,

I’ll love him REAL GOOD, with touches and peeks –



And was BORED EVER AFTER, having offered up her “cat!”

AND THE BOYS TOO!! Are waiting for lazy to “set in:”

And retiring early – or – stepping on A PIN,

To get REAL injured, and collect dis-a-bil-ity;

It’s a GREAT WAY TO LIVE (or YOU THINK SO)! You’ll see:

That, for the rest of your days, you’re just looking for your life,

To be stimulated!! Much-more – than with your wife(?!)

But let me JUST WARN YOU, like Samantha (up above),

“BE HAPPY IN YOUR WORK,”* and cling to your “Dove,”

Your Sweetie, your hubbie, your wife – and/or your friend,

Don’t get too lazy! or-you’ll-be-bored TO THE END!

{And The End never ends! It’ll begin all a-new … and you’ll STILL have to search (pause) for something to do!!} 🙂

fin. ❤ ?

Get ya some hobbies; work with your hands – Sew, knit & fold-stuff – THERE ARE NO PROMISED LANDS!! 🙂 – but there’s always some painting – and poetry to write! So grab up your brushes, and-a-pen-is-so-write(sp) – Life can be joyful – and-a-blessing – “a hoot!” Just ask Howdy Doody – and Jesus, to boot!!

    • William Holden in “Bridge Over The River Kwai!”