Jesus message.

Jesus message.

No matter what your position you are in life understand your value is the same in my fathers eyes as all others. Only you can become less by not accepting the love and words of understanding I give to you. All are free to obey be you a servant or king and when you do so you are of my family and any stumbles you do on the way to the moment are forgiven if your heart is with love and respect for me. The days are unfolding when many attitudes look down on the partners of life rather than call upon my heart to feed your understanding. Come my beautiful children I take you to the mountains where all will be of joyful heart and I will cast down those who have seen no mercy on those that followed them. Many of you have at this time confusion as how to live and survive in a world so divided, keep yourself pure in the love I share and know the day comes your tears will not be of sadness and hard, but soft with joy for you will be powerful in being the light my family has had placed upon you.
In your love dear father and in Jesus name may your beautiful Spirit most Holy take us to the mountain of your abode. And in the clearness of truth be that which we are. Amen.
Luke Le Bree.


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