“TAMING OF THE SHREW!” a poem a.k.a.: “Time OUT For The Inner Critic!” Tuesday: September 4, 2018

I CAN TRY! Yes, yes, just TRY – to do The Best I Can!

IF someone wants me to be more than that, I-can take them by the hand,

And say: “You can only do what you can do – there’s no more you can do,

And-so your-suggestion to do even better Well! It is nothing new,

BUT! I think this EXCELLENCE, YOU require from ME,

NEEDS TO FIND A RESTING PLACE – and I’ve got this key,

To a mausoleum – where you can safely stay,

And cry out for-me-to do even better – EVERY NIGHT & DAY!

And when you finally tire – of being my LIFE COACH,



And I will open up (pause) The Heavy, Se-cure Door –

And carefully check inside (pause) to hear if you’ve got more,

Suggestions! or Urgings! or Reasons to strive on!

It should-be about a thousand years, before That Glorious Dawn,

When you have finally finished, with your rants and rave,

To try to improve my just-fine life – I’m-sure-you’ll-finally-behave!!

(postlude) And after I deposited (pause) my Friend, within those walls,

And, as I walked away from there, I heard her many calls,

Imploring me – to reconsider – confining her right there,

But I have heard that voice enough – SO I-REALLY DID NOT CARE! 🙂


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