“FEAR, WITH A CONFIDENT VENEER!” a.k.a.: “A Volcanic Eruption Is Just A Heartbeat Away!” 09/04/2018 – Tuesday. a.k.a.: “Another Call From A Collection Agency, For Someone That Might Have Had This Number, Long Ago!”

“Hello, is this CHRISTIAN? Christian De-Leon?”

“No, you’ve got the wrong number – this is J Jay on the phone!”

“Oh, I’m sorry – Sorry! Terribly sorry – am I!”

His voice? frightened! AND confident, I queried, with a sigh:

“Do you know what you’re doing?” “WHAT!” he said; I paused;

“You sound like a bill collector on the phone!” “WHY?” “Just because!”

“Well! Even if you’re right-it makes NO DIFFERENCE to me! I am working up the corporate ladder, so a partner I can be!”

“I know,” said I – “You’re confident, BUT – also filled with terror, That someone might uncover – the fact you lack a pa-ai-air!”

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!” he cried, and I then hung up on him.

This world of ours – MANIPULATES – ALL-of-us, at its whim!

When we get a bit fearful that maybe “dog eats dog,”

And – we can only GET AHEAD, by removing “the big log,”

That is in OUR NEIGHBOR’S eyes, obscuring OUR dim vision,

For The Sword of Damocles – is dangling – and-is about to make collision,

With the fine veneer – that culture and education,

Has sealed up our fears with – so we can worship school and nation,


From the volcano’s mouth – ERUPTION! (pause)

Is close! (pause)

I say!! 🙂

fin. ❤


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