“PLAYING WITH YOURSELF!” a poem a.k.a.: “No, No, That is NOT What I Mean; Get Your Mind Back In The Gutter, Where It Belongs!”

September 3, 2018 – MOON! daze – are funky!

ARE YOU GONNA “FAKE” YOUR OWN DEATH? (Do it any time you want!)

Go ahead! Marry yourself! – and “stage”-you a little “haunt!!”

Where you can, maybe, POSSESS YOURSELF, just like “Beetle Juice,”

Or – be LIKE Howard Hughes, in his fancy SPRUCE-y GOOSE!?


But do not try to figure-it-out! For you are JUST “a (wo)MAN!?”

With something like an ego – and no idea of THE GOAL,

Or GOD – or fate, for Heaven’s sake – or of (The) YOUR OVERSOUL!

The wheels are (really) NOT in motion, and you are not-much-of-a-HUB,

When you appear, caught-in-this-whirling(?) – on a planet called: Earth Club!

You think you’ve got FREE WILL!! – and some kind of direction,

When everything around you, Hon – is a friggin’ darn reflection!

So! Make some plans, Sucker, for you’re less than a mouse,

Can you relax? or enjoy? an-apparent-ride-in-this-here-HOUSE?

And – is this house even a body? – or just-an-atomic-group!?

Filled with silly confidence – AND A WHOLE LOT OF (pause)


Don’t get too attached – to the life that YOU (think you) PERCEIVE,

It’s a SHADOWY VAPOR, Ba-bay – and you’ll never, ever leave!! 🙂 – Whoa!

fin. ❤


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