Former Wattle Grove teacher Shane Matthews will serve at least10 years behind bars after pleading guilty to 33 child sex offences against his students, who have  bravely fought to bring him to justice !

Former Wattle Grove teacher Shane Matthews will serve at least10 years behind bars after pleading guilty to 33 child sex offences against his students, who have bravely fought to bring him to justice !

FACAA would like to start by applauding the bravery of the survivors who have fought so hard to bring this horrendous predator to justice. He will serve between 10 and 18 years behind bars for his abhorrent crimes against his students. Without their courageous efforts he would still be operating as the vice principal of Woodland roads public school. In holding that position of power we have no doubt he would have continued to abuse children until he was caught.

Matthews previously pleaded guilty to 33 offences, including persistent child sexual abuse, indecent assault and procuring a child for unlawful sexual activity, committed largely between 2012 and 2015.
He has been in custody since police arrested him at his Bradbury home in late 2016.

The popular teacher’s sentencing, before Judge Jennifer English in Campbelltown District Court, came months after an emotional sentencing hearing in which his survivors spoke of the fear and humiliation they felt as a result of being abused.

Shane Matthews was once described by his students as “the greatest teacher in the school”. This speaks to how successfully child abusers can manipulate those around them and how well they can hide their true nature by appearing as popular, helpful and friendly people.

However, recently Campbelltown Court was packed with former pupils and parents of a former primary school in Sydney’s south-west, who were eager to see Matthews jailed for the systematic sexual abuse of more than a dozen children in his care.

A Campbelltown judge found the 31-year-old former teacher guilty of abusing 17 students at Wattle Grove Public School between 2012 and 2015. Today, he was sentenced to 18 years in jail with a non-parole period of 12 years. He was arrested 2 years ago so he will serve a further 10 years behind bars at least.

Matthews was found guilty of grooming young boys by offering them fake money and prizes on “superhero” days. The abuse occurred during lessons, recess, lunchtime – even in scripture class – where Matthews would ask students to perform acts on themselves or perform sexual acts on them. Victims were “encouraged, enticed and recruited to engage in offending activities”, the crown prosecutor said.

He was arrested in September 2016 and initially charged with 14 offences but more were added as victims came forward. Pleading guilty to 33 separate charges, Matthews sat shaking uncontrollably in the dock as he was sentenced to a maximum of 18 years in jail.

Initially we at FACAA ran this story after Matthews arrest to warn local students and to request any furthur victims
to come forward. They did just that and have stood up for what is right, to get the job done and bring this monster to justice and we couldn’t be prouder of them.

When we first ran the story his supporters came out of the woodwork, we don’t mind, we get it. They were manipulated by an absolute master manipulator which is what child abusers must be to succeed. FACAA were told that he was being set up by men’s rights activists, Nazis and racists….. yeah the list went on and on. Of course they played the stereotypical line of “He only pleaded guilty because he was given bad advice” I will give you the response I have given everyone, everytime I hear that rubbish.

Ahem …. Come hell or highwater there is no force on this earth or any other that could make me plead guilty to sexually abusing children if I was not guilty. Do not run the good name of the survivors of this monster’s crimes through the mud by implying that they were all lying for the courts and that hackers got to his computer and planted all the child exploitation material on it.

See how stupid that sounds when you read it back, yeah that’s what we’ve been trying to tell you since you first contacted us 2 years ago, we didn’t believe you then and we sure as hell won’t be believing you now so please don’t bother trying.

Shane Matthews is a persistent child sexual abuser, he pleaded guilty because he is guilty. We are fighters AGAINST child abuse Australia not tinfoil hat brigades for abuser’s rights. Keep that in mind before commenting or inboxing us professing this pathetic coward’s innocence !

Fact is his survivors spoke bravely, never once changed their stories and brought this monster to the justice he deserves ! Fact is he pleaded guilty to destroying the lives of 14 survivors who speak of night terrors and other PTSD related symptoms.

This angers us at FACAA to no end because the fact is there aren’t enough male teachers out there in the field and when predators like this hurt the reputation and bring into question the trust and validity of every other male teacher …. It just makes us sick, how many other potentially great male teachers and incredible role models to kids are now not going to be teachers thanks to monsters like this guy, how many people has Matthews scared off thanks to his cowardly crimes ?

To the survivors, if you are still in the area I teach at KMA Liverpool, you and your non offending family members would be eligible for fully sponsored martial arts training at our gym. Please if this interests you inbox FACAA and I will organize something for you, even if I have to do a group class, I will teach it myself for free to help you guys heal as part of our Phoenix program.

To Shane Matthews you are a master manipulator who convinced dozens of people that you are one of the best teachers in NSW education. Fact is this was just a mask and once the mask fell off it was impossible to put back on. We hope you enjoy prison and that you never teach again.

Child abusers are MASTER manipulators, monsters like Shane Matthews hide behind a façade of charisma, but the mask always falls off either naturally or in this case the mask is torn off by brave survivors with enough courage to stand up and show the whole world what these monsters really are !

Thank you to those brave children.

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