(56)  In the next moment – today is Thursday, March Something 😮😮

(56) In the next moment – today is Thursday, March something, Sam {My Dad!} walks in with a package (out of the blue – completely) from Rita Snipes 501 Nth 1st St – Alpine, TEX. – This is, to me, VERY disturbing!! VERY disturbing: (therefore) perhaps it is EXACTLY what I need – There is no good or bad . . . I still think I will wait to open (it) until I speak with YOU. “The unwanted is a most valuable time!” Bart Marshall: “I OPEN MY MOUTH & I’M LYING TO YOU.” Poem: “THE ETERNAL NOW!” Unraveling the thread of reality (What Reality?) The Eternal . . . NOW . . . I don’t know if the stories of our lives are not really . . . more truly mythologies, rather than histories & that we are more like refined (?) archetypes, rather than persons living any history. all that’s happening . . . it is? ARE we really here, NOW(?) But, There is nobody here, is there? This moment, (is) just a card CALLED NOW – now on top of an INFINITE deck of cards, all happening simultaneously – just with the top card the most apparent, recent manifestation of one eternal reality, apparent, somehow related to every other card apparently underneath . . . Endless, eternal succession – Unfathomable because how can one experience all these apparent events from all those apparent perspectives simultaneously(?)- It would, perhaps, just seem like a blur, or blackness, or whiteness, all streaming together, no sense, no purpose, all apparently related & then again having no relation at all POOF! Proof? = The near death experience, where one apparent entity reports apparently dying & having a “life review,” where all events seem to transpire in an instant, of self experiences & the experiences of “all others,” happening at once, but with a clarity of experiencing everything in some eternal moment. The Eternal . . . NOW. & WHAT ARE WE DOING, what am I writing – Spinning Our Wheels in endless effort to try to verbally clarify – the eternal condition of the absolute. an infinite number of descriptions – How many do we need, before we say, “ENOUGH!” But, then, what do we do? Well, we deal the next card – A mystery, for the future always is, isn’t it? & what if, suddenly, in the present, we really forget the PAST. If I do, will I still be asking The Beloved* to marry me? 🙂

{* The Beloved is an archetype, a SOMETHING – that we so identify with, that we feel we must be with! IF we are alone, we are LONE-ly, an apparently pitiable condition!}


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