To my adored HUSBAND

I knew you would be away with your mates sometimes

That’s what males do

And I accept that and I know you will always come home to me sooner or later

Missing you is worth it,

Missing you reminds me how much your worth it

I missed your voice today, no little love notes on my phone

I wonder what you are doing, all these creepy notions race through my mind

Then I whisper my secret mantra, you insisted I learnt and all my senses came alive smiling to myself, my Husband knows how to soothe me

I adore my Husband each GOODBYE is a reminder of how every moment in your arms, is a precious moment in time

Distance is not a factor with us, cause I know the sweetest scenario lays in your arms together and wherever you go we will never be alone

My husband is perfectly suited to me cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is 💙