Letter to my Husband 💙

Hold me again

Kiss me like you never kissed anyone before, slow until I swoon

Look at me like you’re looking at the moon for the very first time

Remind me why I fell in love with you

Hold me, never let me go

Caress my body like you do until I fall in a floppy mess

Cradle my sensors once again

My beloved Husband



5 thoughts on “Letter to my Husband 💙”

    1. One day you will have a tap on your shoulder, open the door to your heart and be the best you. Smile, Kindness and no judgement to destroy or opinion to allow to creep in your mind. One of the hardest thing in life is to find your passion for happiness and if you do, never let it go. Cherish nourish spend quality time time playing together. When there is no playing like kids there was never anything there in the first place. Be to best you.

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