“DANCE THE SIN AWAY, BELOVED!” a poem a.k.a.: “No Judgment; No Sin!!” Sunday: September 2, 2018

SIN WAS FINALLY CONQUERED!! Just the other day,

When JUDGMENT was relinquished, SIN JUST WENT AWAY!

BUT! It-ain’t-no-CARTE-BLANCHE-situation!

No, no, ‘cause-even-so,

Some-stuff’ll-always-be-”hurtful,” and I think you all do know:

That doin’-intentional-nastiness, JUST TO BE A MEANIE,

May never be a good idea – Put on your little beanie,*

And TRY-to-be nice, you-know! NICE! in-whatever-you-might-do,

But remember – THERE’S NO SIN (pause)


WELCOME, Y’all – to SUN-day, where you-can-SAIL!


Smile & Laugh & Sing & Dance – You-all-have-got-IT-”right!!” 🙂 – Free!?

fin. ❤

* – Thinking Cap!?


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