“AN AMAZING FIND!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Coming Back For More For Ever!” Sunday: September 2, 2018

Pretty as a picture!

Cute – as a little bug!

She’s just SO perfect,

(I) Thought I’d give her a little plug!

She’s touchy-feel-y – Beautiful, inside and out –

Loves to get real mush-y – also, she might pout!

For (about) 5 seconds – and, then, forget why,

And, then, grab-me-from-behind – and let out a little cry –

CRYING: “I got you, you Texas Cowboy MAN! and – and – and – I got some dirty ideas, as part of a Master Plan! I’m gonna kill you in Love – and drag your carcass to Heaven – and make you rise again – like a tub filled with leaven,

And I’m more crazy in Love than YOU –

And you can never,



What I might do!!”

I gazed with astonished-wonder;

I said: “My God, she is amazing!”

And Again & again (& again) –

I found myself a-raising!*

* – a California raisin?

* – … and that’s NOT Cain …

* Q: Am I a chicken farmer?

fin. ❤